IMPORTANT NOTE: Mahjoun (JAM) is intended for medicinal use only by qualified patients within the state of California, 
and is available only through MCDs in full compliance with California Health Safety Code §11362.5 (Prop 215) State Bill 420. ​​



  In 1974, I was nineteen and suffering from an extreme case of wanderlust. 

I left my home in Northern California with a one-way ticket to Anchorage, Alaska, arriving just in time to help celebrate my brother's twenty-first birthday.

He was striking... Tall and slender, with olive skin, glossy long hennaed curls, and piercing blue, kohl-lined eyes. He had just returned from Morocco, and still wore the dark wool mountain djellabas and capes of the Berbers. In a celebratory mood, my brother brought out a large glass jar packed full of a fragrant, dark amber jam, rolled two walnut-size balls of the gooey confection which he called "Mahjoun." 

I still have a vivid memory of the first time I tasted Mahjoun, more than forty years ago... There were so many unfamiliar scents and flavors; the subtle sweetness of the honey and soft dried fruit combined perfectly with the salty crunch of the nuts and complex notes of floral-peppery spices... All blending perfectly with the psychoactive poetry of the savory confection called Mahjoun

​​​  We hope you enjoy our adaptation of this one-thousand year old recipe;

slightly sweet, slightly salty and mysteriously aromatic 

Simply unforgettable! 

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