"I highly enjoyed the Mahjoun edible (pun intended)

... It's welcoming and exotic flavors can best be described as euphoric. The mingling of textures and tastes reminds me of delicious spice aromas, and a connection to its Moroccan origins..."

WW - San Jose


"... Had a wonderful experience tasting your edible. The spices were so warm and pleasant. A very unique taste with great medical results.

Had a small morsel taste and have had pleasing results for 5 hours ..."

​CH - San Jose


"just magnificent. best edible commercially available. Tastes great, highly effective. 

Only a little goes a long way. Not cheap but worth every penny

... fasten your seat belt (if in a wheelchair like me)!"

CW - San Jose


Amazzzzing! ... it was great! Unique treat and so delicious! 

AM - Santa Clara


"...I tried the sample you gave me and it was absolutely perfect!

I was surprised because the amount of product seemed small and didn't have that 'pot' smell.

It worked out so well for me... " 


I - San Francisco


"My lover and I experienced even more beautiful love making together after partaking of the Mahjoun delectable … It also inspired heightened visual imagery for us both which was so very sweet and light, flowing and seemingly endless. We love the complex flavors ... Thank you for creating such a miraculous Moroccan cannabis delight! 


CL - San Diego


“... I was pleasantly surprised to find what has become my

NEW favorite edible"  ... with a high potency, and flavors and texture that are divine! 

... all the spices speak to the foodie in me ...clean and healthy, something difficult to find in the sea of sugary-sweet edibles

… One dose leaves me medicated for about 5 hours which is a very good thing, especially for sleep." 

RP - Santa Cruz

What MMJ Patients, 

Industry Notables & 

Cannabis Connoisseurs 

are saying about Mahjoun(JAM)

Reflections of a California Medical Marijuana Patient 

"I consider myself the average California guy that you can run into in any given day. I am a husband and father working in a professional career that I enjoy. I am your neighbor, your friend, the gym rat at the local 24 HourFitness, and the parent cheering in stands watching his boy play youth tackle football. Like many "MMJ Patients," I do not fit the stereotypical view of a marijuana user. In fact, there are many in my "circles" who still do not know I use this form of alternative medicine. I open up myself to those who I trust and keep anonymous when need be. My main rule of thumb: Family & Safety First!" 


Cheers (& Cough),


"A bit over a hour pasts and I sense a nice stream of medicine flowing within me. The buzz I am feeling is a bit euphoric.

It's very similar to a strong flower high which I really like. There's a bit of tingle feeling through out my body which is soothing and areas where I experience pain are controlled."  

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Psychedelicatessen: A 1000-Year-Old Recipe
A weekly column exploring the world of cannabis cuisine, including recipes from the great chefs & ganjapreneurs who fuel our appetite for adventure. BY ELISE MCDONOUGH · Sun Feb 23, 2014   Read Story >


IMPORTANT NOTE: Mahjoun (JAM) is intended for medicinal use only by qualified patients within the state of California, 
and is available only through MCDs in full compliance with California Health Safety Code §11362.5 (Prop 215) State Bill 420. ​​

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Bong Appetit: Mahjoun-Making Hash Jam

The #1 Medical Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine / NorCal

October 2014 ~The Edibles Issue

As seen in CULTURE magazine:

Mahjoun (JAM) "Edibles needn’t shanghai a diet!"

Vallejo’s reLeaf™ carries Mahjoun™ (JAM), a savory gourmedible, based on an authentic, 1,000 year-old recipe from the Berbers of Morocco. The mixture of dates and figs, nuts, honey and ghee are infused with cannabis oil, and seasoned with almost 40 spices, offering something truly unique and delicious. A potent indigenous super food, Mahjoun is wheat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sodium, refined sugar-free, low-glycemic, and high in anti-oxidants. It’s also organic and non-GMO. Makers EDIBLE COMPLEX use lab-tested hybrid hash oil, extracted from sungrown, organic plants, and lab-test the finished edible before packaging in a reusable zip-seal package. The aroma of Middle Eastern spices like cardamom, turmeric and ginger mix with the fruit, nuts, honey and ghee to give the Mahjoun edible a flavor that’s slightly sweet, slightly salty, and mysteriously aromatic. Enjoy this jam on its own, or use like a condiment with both sweet or savory foods...

"The Art of Edibles"

Elise McDonough - HIGH TIMES

Julianna Carella - Auntie Dolores​ Co-op, Inc.

Deborah Schatan - Edible Complex

​"Big Pete" - Big Pete's Treats

Kurt - Badfish Extracts™​

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